March 2022

We're doing all we can to reduce our impact on the planet, to have a positive social impact and brighten up life, one bunch at time.

Our packaging

Looking back, the floristry industry used to be a heavy user of the resources that we now consider so precious – think of all that plastic wrap and ribbon, not to mention delivery miles. That’s why we’ve been on a mission to make a change.

Along with a ULEZ-compliant fleet and sustainable sourcing, we’re relieved to tell you that all our packaging can now be re-used, composted, recycled with your usual household recycling, or returned to us.

We're doing our bit and here’s how you can do yours:

 Our bit Your bit
Our handtie bags, manufactured in the UK, are made from FSC certified paper with 100% cotton rope handles. Put it in your home compost (or re-use)
Our tape is manufactured in the UK and made from paper Recycle in your paper bin
Our 100% natural Nutscene twine is manufactured from rain-fed, fast-growing, CO2 reducing crops in Scotland using traditional and ethical methods. Put in your home compost (or re-use)
Our rubber bands are made from the sap of rubber trees in renewable plantations in Thailand. The sap is harvested from each rubber tree for 25 years (its productive life), using a harmless process called tapping. At the end of its productive life, the tree is used for timber products. New trees are planted continually. Put in your home compost (or re-use). These will take a little longer to decompose than other items.
All of our paper packaging is manufactured in the UK from FSC-certified paper (e.g., gift cards, sleeves, gift wrap). Put in your paper bin or home compost
We use Nature Flex film sheets in place of clear plastic film. They are manufactured in the UK from natural and sustainable sources. Put in your home compost
The gel we use to hydrate cut flowers is manufactured in the UK, non-toxic and totally miscible with water. Wash it down the sink or put in your home compost
Gel packs with a green leaf logo are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Recycle with other flexi-plastics
We are currently phasing out and running down our stock of cellophane. Return to us and we will re-use

Our people

We believe in treating our people fairly. We are a London Living Wage accredited employer.


Our waste

100% of our waste is recycled (zero to landfill)


Our energy

Our energy supply is from 100% renewable resources.


Our fleet

2 out of 3 of our flowery delivery vans are ULEZ compliant


Our partners

We partner with DPD for our nationwide deliveries. DPD are on a mission to be the greenest delivery company on the planet.
    Royal Flora Holland has initiated mandatory environmental registration and certification as a requirement to supply the market place.