Flowering for the future.

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We are committed to putting our people and our planet at the forefront of everything we do.

You might find that our flowers and plants cost a little more - but caring for our planet and delivering against exacting environmental standards is non-negotiable for us. Reducing a negative impact is not enough. We want to make a positive impact wherever we tread - from working with partners and suppliers that share our values, to paying them a fair price for their promise.


We are proud to be a 100% plastic-free florist, using packaging that is either home compostable and/or home recyclable.

Looking back, the floristry industry used to be a heavy user of the resources that we now consider so precious – think of all that plastic wrap and ribbon, not to mention delivery miles. That’s why we’ve been on a mission to make a change.

Nutscene twine

Twine - Our 100% natural Nutscene twine is manufactured in Scotland from rain-fed, fast-growing, CO2 reducing crops using traditional and ethical methods. 

Our twine can be home composted or re-used


Natural rubber bands

Natural rubber bands - Our rubber bands are manufactured in the UK and made from the sap of rubber trees in renewable plantations in Thailand. The sap is harvested from each rubber tree for 25 years (its productive life), using a harmless process called tapping. At the end of its productive life, the tree is used for timber products. New trees are planted continually. 

Our rubber bands can be home composted or re-used


Florist paper with water based ink

Branded wrapping paper and flower sleeves -  Our signature gift wrapping paper is manufactured in the UK from FSC-certified paper with no glossy coating which means it can be composted at home (or put in your home recycling). Our branded Bloomguard sleeves are manufactured from 100% natural and sustainable paper stock and printed with water based inks.

Our branded paper and sleeves can be home composted or home recycled


Gardenia branded paper tape

Paper tape - Our custom paper tape is manufactured in the UK and is made from FSC-certified paper.

Our branded paper  tape can be home composted or home recycled



Home compostable flower hydration pouch

Flower hydration pouch - Our flower pouches are manufactured in the UK and specifically designed for transporting cut flowers.

Our flower hydration pouches can be home composted


Paper flower food sachets

Flower food sachets - The flower food powder is completely miscible in water and the paper sachet is home compostable.

Our paper flower food sachets can be home composted or home recycled



In the last 12 months 100% of our waste has avoided landfill.

  • Green waste - Our off-cuts and leaves are anaerobically digested to produce green energy. In the last 12 months this 6 tonnes has produced over 2000 KWH of energy.
  • Recycled waste - The remainder of our day-to-day business waste is recycled at a specialist processing plant here in London. In the last 12 months, over 5.5 tonnes of our waste has been recycled, saving 6 tonnes of CO2 and 44 trees.
  • Supply chain transport packaging - Our blooms are tightly packed for safety of travel in large cardboard containers which are returned for re-use or recycling. The flexi-plastic sleeves that growers provide to protect petals in transit are specialist recycled and turned into other flexi-plastics.


Our business energy is supplied by SSE Energy and is green electricity generated from their UK wind farms.

Fleet and deliveries

Our flowery delivery vans are ultra-low or low emission. We are currently researching our next replacement vehicle, and this will be fully electric, with zero emissions.

For deliveries a little further away from our home, we partner with DPD. They are committed to being the most sustainable home delivery company on the planet.


Brightening up life.  Flowering for the future. Blooming with positivity.