Blooming with positivity.


We are committed to putting our people and our planet at the forefront of everything we do.

You might find that our flowers and plants cost a little more - but for us and our business, making a positive social impact and being good to the people around us is non-negotiable. Reducing a negative impact is not enough. We want to make a positive impact wherever we tread – from paying our people a fair wage, to supporting the local community, to putting a smile on your face.

Our people

Our talented team are on permanent contracts and receive at least the London Living Wage. They get a contributory pension and paid annual leave to rest and recharge.

We employ a team of passionate, skilled and experienced florists who know their proteas from their peonies. They are encouraged to work with creativity, individuality and independence. As humans, and if an honest mistake is made, we will treat them with kindness and compassion. We simply ask that you do the same. We will always go beyond the bloom to do the right thing.

Our community

Gardenia has been brightening up life and spreading positivity since 1999. Wimbledon Village is our home and we set aside funds to donate to local charities that are close to our hearts.


Brightening up life.  Flowering for the future. Blooming with positivity.