Wedding floral design

Wedding floral design

Our approach to designing your wedding flowers and what you can expect.

The brief and consultation

  • If you have a clear idea and images of what you would like then we can work from these.
  • We are equally as happy to advise and guide you based on a high level brief.
  • In terms of design we will look to find out the kind of colour scheme you are after, the style you like and whether you would like something formal or informal.
  • We will ask about your big day and make suggestions as to what arrangements you might like us to provide a quote for.

The design

Example wedding flower design
  • Based on the brief and consultation and the date of your wedding we will put together a mood board of flowers and inspiration images that match the style you would like and the colour scheme. As every wedding is different, we do this from scratch for every couple and it normally takes 30-60 minutes to create.

The quote

  • Once we have the mood board we will calculate the number of stems needed for each of your arrangements to achieve the style we are proposing and this is how we come up with the cost.
  • You can see an example quote here


  • We will then work with you on any adjustments you would like to the quote.
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