Bringing a wedding design to life

Bringing a wedding design to life

From design to delivery, here's how we create your wedding flowers.


  • 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding we will co-ordinate the team required to create and deliver your wedding, which includes florists and drivers.
  • We will then look at the logistics for the day and liaise with the events team at your venue.
  • If there are any sundries, eg. vases etc, we will order these in well in advance.
  • The brief for creating your arrangements and the set-up will be prepared.


  • We start by calculating the number of stems we need to create all of your wedding arrangements and then we add a 5% buffer for any stems that might be anything less than perfect.
  • For any items that are harder to come by or not necessarily always available we will work with our supplier to ensure they can purchase the flowers at the auction for us.
  • In general, we order the flowers to come in 3 days before your wedding. This gives us time to deal with any availability issues and ensure your flowers are blooming to perfection on your big day. For items that take longer to bloom, such as peonies and freesia, we will get these in earlier and carefully coax them into blooming - not too early and not too late!

Taking delivery of the flowers

Large flower delivery for a wedding
  • Our flowers arrive overnight direct from Holland.
  • We check everything has arrived against our order list and carefully go over each stem - conditioning it and looking for any signs of damage.
  • The flowers are wrapped loosely in paper to protect them, but also allow them room to bloom.
  • The flowers are then placed in water and kept in a cool room.
  • We will keep an eye on them over the next few days, seeing if there's anything that needs help speeding up or slowing down the blooming process.

The day before your wedding

Florist creating bridal flowers
Our talented team of florists will create your arrangements to match the design brief, taking care and time to ensure every stem is perfect and the arrangement matches your vision.




    The day of your wedding

    Table flowers
    • Our team will come in early to check everything over, bind the bouquets and package everything ready for transportation and delivery.
    • If there is any on-site installation we will work with the venue on this and aim to be finished at least 1 hour before your guests start arriving.
    • If any of the arrangements need to be moved between the ceremony and reception then we will brief this in with your event manager.

    The day after your wedding

    • If needed we will return to the venue to collect any hired items.


    Wedding flowers




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