Contract flowers


Contract flowers

Corporate contract vase with flowers

Flowers for restaurants, bars and hotels

Our skilled team creates floral displays that complement existing décor and add ambience, interest and warmth. Tabletop posies are designed using varieties that won’t impact on the flavour or aroma of food; structural arrangements add a dramatic focal point and a pop of seasonal colour. We can also supply flowers for one-off events and special occasions and can deliver luxury, hand-tied bouquets for guests and staff.

Flowers for offices and workspaces

Floral displays can transform a space - taking a boardroom from bland to inspirational, or turning a stark conference room into a creative hub. We supply not only cut flower arrangements but also planters and greenery to help you create an inspiring, creative and productive space. Cut flowers are changed regularly and we care for your plants according to a routine maintenance programme.

Flowers for private homes

As Claude Monet insisted, “I must have flowers, always and always.” If your home deserves regular deliveries of colour and scent, speak to us about a private flower contract. We work with discretion to create and install beautiful arrangements that enhance your interior design. We can use your own vases and containers or source alternative options for you to hire. Your designated florist will maintain any planted containers on a regular basis and change cut flowers according to a pre-arranged schedule.

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