Our ethos


We promise we will...

  • be polite, friendly, respectful and as helpful as we can be
  • treat everyone fairly and with kindness
  • be empathetic and listen to your requests
  • provide a service that is efficient and reliable
  • use our knowledge, experience and training to provide the best service we can
  • say sorry and put it right if we make a mistake

We are a small family-run independent business and our team of 8 people work incredibly hard and are passionate about what they do. In return for our promises above we need you to remember that our employees are people too and they should be treated with courtesy, kindness and respect.


We promise we will...

  • always do our best to source flowers and create arrangements to match your requests
  • never knowingly sell flowers or plants that won’t perform to the highest standards – and we will always welcome the opportunity to replace the flowers when this does happen
  • charge a price that is fair based on the cost of the flowers, transport, our rent, bills, business rates and rewarding our staff for their hard work


We promise we will...

  • continually review and improve our packaging to ensure we are working with the latest sustainable innovations and not only remain plastic free, but use as many UK manufacturers as we can and use products that are home compostable
  • ensure our practices reduce our impact on the environment and not simply pay to off-set bad practices
  • reward our team and pay them a fair wage for their hard work