Glenshee Wreath
Glenshee Wreath
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Glenshee Wreath

Gardenia of London
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An opulent mix of colourful flowers and decorations, perfect for a Christmas celebration.

Every Gardenia Christmas wreath is hand-decorated in store by one of our talented florists.

The size shown here is Extra Large Luxury.

Please note that due to seasonal fluctuations and economic factors, some decorations may need to be substituted for a close equivalent based on availability. The overall look and style of the wreath will remain the same.

Size guide:

  • Medium - 35-40cm diameter
  • Large - 45-50cm diameter
  • Extra large - 55-60cm diameter 
  • Extra Large Luxury - same size as 'Extra large' but fuller with decorations

Wreath care

To keep your wreath as fresh as possible we recommend the following:

  • Soak the moss ring side of the wreath in a few centimetres of water once per week
  • Remember to hang / hold the wreath upright for a few minutes after soaking before re-hanging on your door so that most of the water drains away (available 7 days a week)

Delivery (available 7 days a week)

  • Any time local delivery - £5.00 (delivery will be between 8am - 8pm on your chosen day)
  • Morning local delivery - £10.00 (delivery will be between 8am - 12pm on your chosen day)
  • Afternoon local delivery - £10.00 (delivery will be between 12pm - 6pm on your chosen day)
  • Nationwide delivery - £10.00 (delivery will be between 8am - 9pm on your chosen day)

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